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Aw . . . I'll miss you guys. Thanks for the ride!

The laughter and the teeeeears
The shadows of misty yesteryears
The good times and the bad you've seen
And all the others in between
Remember, do you rememberrrrr
The times of your liiiiife?

Thanks for everything, you guys.

I was looking to see if this was another of those April Fool's jokes, but it appears that it is not...

So...let me just say thank you for the entertainment. You will be missed!

Good luck to all of you. You have provided me with some great insight into your writing and your lives.

All the best to all of you!

Well, hell.

I'm really going to miss this blog.

I understand the decision, mostly because I think my own blog has more than run its course, but I've enjoyed reading all of the posts.

Best of luck to all of you! Lori, see you very soon.

Boooooooooo. Screw you all. This sucks. I understand it, but still.

And Neil will always be the original Steve Perry while I content myself to be the new Asian guy in Journey.

Fuck, I posted the first pics of my first kid on this blog. That's history baby.

Well, I will truly miss you guys. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors (and in your teaching endeavor, Shelby...can't wait to mock you for having to deal with the same shit I do! HA!).

At the very least, I feel like I am a little more comfortable in my own skin as I bounce around the net and hope to someday wind up working my way into a fulltime writing gig. God bless all of you, and if I ever see any of you five out there, the first drink's on me (if I can afford it, and the wife says it's okay, and I'm not too tired to stay up and drink with you, and...ah screw it, buy your own shit).

Oh, damn, all my favorite group blogs keep closing up shop. So long, FOs, and thanks for all the fish.

Wow. I didn't expect this. It's like a girlfriend starting off the date with, "It's not you, it's me," when you know goddamn well it's you.

I've written some of my finest one-liners here. I'll miss that.

But I'll miss the very different personalites here, with voices so clear I knew who was writing even without a signature.

Damn, guys. You've been a part of my day for almost 5 years (I was late to the party).

I'll miss you.

Sorry to see FO go, but I've become a fan of all your work, and I hope leaving the Blogosphere means you'll have more time to write and publish. Best of luck.

Oh, bummer! I've always enjoyed y'alls unique insights. But I of all people understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into running a group blog, especially for multiple years (and especially on Typepad...)

All of you have an open invitation to guest blog at Murderati any time. Let us know when new books arise, we'll do an interview. And stay in touch!!!

I'm sad to see FO go. All the celebrations we had, books coming out, all the fuck jokes, all the Jim Bornities. (Now it's Bonfire of the Bornities.) I remember Jeff exposing Jim's outfits - kind of Early Brady Bunch meets Canteen Boy. I'll miss wishing I could hear "Dancing Queen" playing when I watch Lori's Monster Deal video - Jeff, that was a truly great one.

Well, one thing won't stop. I'll continue to read ALL YOUR BOOKS! Just try and stop me!

I'm sure we'll see each other in other places, and I'm still looking forward to hanging in a bar with Alison, although I'll stay away from her wine hand. (Sorry, Alison, I just had to!)

See you guys down the pike,


Wow! I wasn't expecting this. You all have been a part of my daily reading experience for at least two years (well except for the last week as I was stuck in the agony of auction prep for Malice). You guys have been funny, smart, smart-assed and pertinent, and I have enjoyed each day's blog.

Jeff, it was such fun to hear about the Little Mermaids awesome victory over the Tiger Lilies...the new archrivals!

Alison, loved the article about Calle. If you ever decide to do a blog about zombie movies, let me know. I'll read it for sure.

Karen, I loved reading your blogs about snow and your daughter and your fun in Vegas. Good luck with Brett K, a great character with a good artist.

Lori, who knew erotic western romances garnered such a following? The number of posts on your recent contest day were amazing. But actually I've read a few of your books, and they definitely sizzle.

Neil, what a great addition you were. I like your in-your-face style and your updates on Herman. Can you post a few parting pictures of him?

To everyone, good luck in all you do, and if you start another blog, hopefully I'll find it and remember the most recent things to talk about (like in this post).

Sorry to see you all go.

Say Goodnight, Gracie.

Well that sucks. I've only been checking in here for about the last year, but I've really enjoyed reading all of your various insights into writing, bad pop music, TV, procrastination, Vegas, etc.

You guys rock. You've inspired me ever since we met at Bouchercon Chicago. Maybe we could have everyone on my podcast Book Chatter LIVE in a few weeks to reminisce your amazing run.


Jim Born

Wow! I'll miss this blog. About the only I read and you always make me laugh... Good luck with everything!

I'll miss you-- I know I lurked much more than I commented, but this is a great group. Jeff, Lori, I hope we keep in touch.


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