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Bon Jovi!!! Now there's a group from Jersey that I like :)

I worked. How boring, I know.

Glad someone had fun, and tell me about this delicious sandwich!

I spent most of the weekend in a movie theater watching documentaries that covered Spalding Gray, pastry chefs, a first job, one man's obsession with the Kinks, and the rebirth of Disney animation.

Mix in vodka, good restaurants and a running conversation that covered film, music, art, architecture, books, the wonder of pretty women and vodka and you've got yourself a pretty full weekend.

But I want to hear about this sandwich, too.

Sandwich recipe, please
Saw modern dance and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which was terrific. Oh, and celebrated my son's 40th birthday.

Spent Friday night and Saturday morning at the Relay for Life. For a relatively small community, the Middle Keys still raised over $100,000. Sunday, I watched military personnel recovering from severe injuries swim with dolphins.

Jeff, Jersey girl that I am, I saw Jon Bon Jovi when he was still John Bongiovi, rocking the clubs in Asbury Park. Big hair, gold lame pants (Jon, not me.) Great smile. My friends and I all thought, "Cute kid. Great music." (I'm only 4 years older than he is, but when you're a 23 year old woman, 19 year old guys are kids.)

Sandwich details, please.

I went to a screening of three short (very short, five minutes or less) films produced by my girlfriend in Middletown, CT. And then we discovered a fabulous Italian restaurant and had clams casino and lobster ravioli. Lovely.

I was in Denver at the annual AWP Conference (for writers, mostly literary types, and college creative writing programs). I moderated an awesome panel on writers from university programs who take genre seriously. It was packed.

Hmmm, I spent the part of the weekend cleaning a guinea pig cage, the rest of working. Jeff, I hope you didn't pay almost $600 for your Bon Jovi ticket like my roommate did-she's a member of the Inner Circle or some nonsense like that. She had a Circleside seat when they were at the Pepsi Center in Denver last month. Have to admit, she got some great photos.

Happy to hear the Mermaids won.

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