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My agent beat me to death, almost to the point of silence, with the demand for BIG books.

Your advice is right on.

I have yet to write a BIG book, although I have an idea for one that my agent said I should write. But it will take a little time, a little research, and I have this tattoo book to finish up.

That said, when I presented an idea for a YA to my agent, he told me to stop everything, to write that first. It might be BIG. We'll see. He's got the manuscript now. Fingers crossed.

There isn't a single word of this I disagree good.

Great post, Neil. Couldn't agree more. As far as big books go, I still don't really get what a "big" book is, though I do love my editor's defintition: A book that not just entertains, but teaches you something new.

A "big" book = "big" money and that's the best explanation I've heard.

Making it Big will definitely cost more, but the passion for it will be enough to complement everything, and oh its every writers dream..

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