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I admit that I wish I were writing books that did not have puns in the titles. Because books with puns in the titles are not respected and never get nominated for Edgar awards. This is not to say I don't like writing these books. I do. I just wish I didn't have puns in the titles, because then they might get a little more respect.

>>>actually, if you're one of those who gets all sniffy and says, "I never watch TV. I don't have cable," then fuck you with a spatula.

Now, my question is, do you want this spatula back?

You keep it, Mike.  Make some omelets.

THAT is my FAVORITE Frank Black/Black Francis tune! Goddamn. Any video with a purple El Camino in it just plain rules.

As for your point, a phony is a phony. Say no to reindeer games.

Besides the books I read and write, I fight the hipster tide by continuing to play very loud, working-on-my-iroc-in-the-garage-listening-to-ac/dc-style ROCK well into my dotage, just as a prodigious piss into their girl-pants-wearing wind. Take that, hipsters!

Not influenced because I am way too old and I figure the surest way to seem ridiculous is to try and seem hip. I don't even know what hip is. None of the things you mentioned even register with me. See what you have to look forward to.

I'm with Patti. It's liberating to reach an age when you genuinely do not give a fuck.

And like Chris, I spend a good part of my life (a great part of my life) playing loud music - in my case it's the blues, music that has been hip and unhip more times than I can count since I first humped a Marine Band harp along with my C-rats and rifle.

I do envy those hipsters their youth, however, as self-consciously hip as it is.

Stop!  Stop!  You're scaring me!


Actually, as a university prof already 10-15 years older than the students, I already feel what you're describing.  So I hope that makes you feel even older.

Isn't calling someone a douche or douchebag a hip phrase now?

I don't watch much tv because I have other stuff that needs doing. Like sleeping.

Does writing a graphic novel count as succumbing to hipster/nerd peer pressure? It does? Okay. Then, yeah. But it IS so much damn fun.

No, Alison, that's just succumbing to geek pressure, but that's okay.  Nerds and geeks are cooler hipsters than real hipsters.  And the people who don't fit anywhere at all are the best.

I don't watch TV -- no cable. Bwahahahaha. Also, I wear eyeglasses more expensive than my car and can talk for hooours about the metaphorical symbolickness of the last scene in No Country For Old Men. And I only rep genre fiction. Can I be on next year's panel?!?

Ah, Stacia.  See, you're one of the ones that makes me jealous I'm not that cool.

I hate those shitty hipsters douchebags, they knowledge of all is so superficial, but don't worry soon all they will be old and forgotten.

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