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Love 'em. I used to make those chains too -- and have gotten many dandelion bouquets from my daughter. I'd love to try dandelion wine, too -- and what other flower can you make a wish on?

love those greens. tasty.

Happy Earth Day!
I have always loved dandelions! The fields of wildflowers in my area, are breathtakingly beautiful. I enjoy them so much more than the contrived gardens filled with non-native species. Mother Nature has a great sense of color and style...and it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Yard is full of them right now. Until the lawn mower goes out this weekend. Not too fond of the little weeds.

I love the little guys. All those memories of childhood combined with my grownup desire for my lawn to fully return to the wild makes them irresistable.

Weed. Hate. Bastards.

This morning I took particular notice of the dandelions in the yard. And do you know that the squirrels have eaten the tops off every one of them! We have an amazing number of squirrels this year, and I guess they're really hungry.

Weed. My oldest son is afraid of dandelions.

I like dandelions. The kids love to blow the puffballs and pick the flowers, and while I've never tried to make it, I hear dandelion wine is sunshine in a bottle.

Weed. Meet Roundup.

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