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Spring distraction: after five cold, despondent months of nothing but football and basketball, the jubilant return of baseball to TV.

Summer distraction: the new MAD MEN season.

Fall distraction: the new DEXTER season.

The weather, for sure. Yesterday I spent 45 minutes staring at 3 little dogs treeing a squirrel - it was the funniest damn thing I'd seen since...I caught turkeys mating on the driveway the day before.

Kid stuff is distracting, even with the college girl. Standardized tests, final projects, concerts, practices, extra rehearsals, and now I'm looking at high school graduation distractions, which means, yes, this year, I will have to plant flowers before the grad party.

TV shows I'm loving?



3)JUSTIFIED - omigod I cannot even tell you how much I fucking dig this new show



Ooh, and I"m looking forward to the new season of TRUEBLOOD

We've seen the first episode of Treme and it's really very good. Looking forward to the rest of it.

As for backward looking phones, I've got one, but not for long. Today our new phones arrived. Complete with little keyboards for messaging. Yup, we have a teenager and the text messaging will commence. Although no Internet. When I'm in the city, I don't check email.

Totally agree about Crystal Bowersox. No other reason to watch AI this season. And why they saved that big Mike guy last week is beyond me.

I agree with Lori about Justified. Very cool show.


I have seen porn in 3D! "Emmanuel in Space" in 3d at the Music Box in Chicago. There was a weird 70s orgy scene that will forever be etched in my brain!

Definitely get a blackberry, I just converted and love mine for checking emails. I tell myself it makes me more efficient but it comes with the distraction of pac man and solitaire!

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