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The Mermaids totally rock. Did they douse you with juice boxes after the game?

That is a great story. Congratulations to all of you!

What a happy story first thing this morning!

Congrats, and I'm certain the girls are very lucky to have you as their coach :)

Oh my God, I am practically cheering out loud while sitting here at my desk.

What a terrific victory and story. Those girls (and their coach) will remember this accomplishment.

Way to go, Little Mermaids!

Yeah, Mermaids!! What a great game! Never underestimate the underdog in any game. Way to go team and coach!

What a comeback-way to go Mermaids!!!!

Yay Mermaids!! I'm smiling so hard my face hurts. Thanks so much for that story, Jeff.

A little late, but that shouldn't reflect on my enthusiasm for The Mermaids. Congratulations girls, this proves you can overcome anything, even knucklehead coaches.

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