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What? No link?

Butterbean and Joy Philbin.

If "Dancing with the Stars" paired the celebrities with each other, it would be great, but they don't — every "celebrity" gets to dance with a professional who covers for them. But I would love to see Barbara Bush tear it up with Conan O'Brien. I bet she dances a mean Charleston.

Last season, they had former House speaker Tom Delay. Now how about other politicians?

There's no shortage of politicians who want to give the public a song and dance.

Bruce Campbell and an inflatable doll.

A whole host of politicians and a rabid jackal would be entertaining.

Jeff Shelby and Jim Born.

Is it just me, or is it true that if those Politics of Dancing guys held their guitars any higher, they'd be strumming their own faces?

Dick Cheney and a rabid badger.

Tiger Woods and Lisa Lampanelli.

Octo mom and the balloon kid's dad...

Bruce Campbell would be totally awesome on "Dancing with the Stars." We should start a petition.

Paris Hilton/Edward Scissorhands.

Paris Hilton and Bill Crider.

Hillary Clinton and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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