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The good news, Lori, is that your distance vision probably won't change too much more. The bad news? Your reading vision will.

I've had progressive lenses for two years now. Not just bifocals, there's even a place for me to read my computer better somewhere in there. But there are no lines, so no one needs to know :)

It took me about two weeks to get used to them. Stairs are dicey and you have to move your head around a lot in order to find the spot you can see clearly through. I was convinced that I would never get used to them, but after two weeks I realized I was fine and they were fine and now I can read on the bus without hitting the guy in front of me with the book.

I've worn bifocals for about ten years, and they're no big deal. I used to whine about them until I found out I had a much more serious eye disorder, and now adult-onset presbyopia (the fancy name for needing reading glasses) seems like no big deal.

The eyes are a pretty awesome example of fine-tuned evolution, though. In the days before civilization, as humans got older, they needed to be able to see farther, while they presumably had children and younger people in their living groups to do close work for them. If you need reading glasses in middle-age, it's at least partly because your distant ancestors had the skills necessary to spot danger from a distance.

Like you I've been putting it off for about 2-3 years. I'm just not ready to deal with bifocals, and quite frankly in a high indexed lense they are outrageously expensive. (Approx $700) I broke my glasses last year and bought new, which in itself was tramatic for me because I can't see clearly more than 6" from my face. I've considered laser surgery ... still considering and ignoring bifocals

I feel for ya. My day is coming sooner than I'd like to think :frown:. Can't wait to to see what new glasses you get! The ones you have now are so darn cute.

I've had bifocals for a good 10 years. It takes a bit to get used to them at first (and I still see better up close without glasses altogether- I'm backwards from everyone else), but after awhile you don't notice the line (I didn't bother with the no-line lenses).

My problem these days is PVD, which results in very obvious floaters in my field of vision, that I just have to learn to ignore.

My oldest son is 38- now *that* makes me feel old...

I've worn bifocals for over a decade and I love them. I am blind in one eye and I appreciate the improved vision the bifocals give me in my one good eye.

No problem getting used to them and you'd never notice. It's really no big deal--as I keep telling my son.

I'm with Kathleen. I've worn glasses since the sixth grade for distance, but still see excellent close up without them. When I first learned I needed bifocals, I chose the progressive lenses. It was great until my distance vision continued to get worse. Then the strip in the middle of the lens to see a short distance would become too thin to be of use. So I had to accept the inevitable of having a pair of bifocals with a strength for distance and a non-strength for reading, and another pair of glasses for my computer.

I was told by my optometrist that if I had laser surgery, I would still need glasses, but then it would be for reading. So I decided against getting the surgery.

The one good thing about bifocals today is that you don't have to use the frames usually traditionally associated with them. Thankfully you can pick from a variety of frames that detract from the bifocal lenses.

Or you can do what a doctor friend of mine does. He has a pair of glasses for each strength he needs for reading, the computer, surgery, patient exams, etc. In all, he has seven pair of glasses he has to keep track of. I'll keep my two pair. Keeping track of them is hard enough.

I have been wearing progressive lenses (no-line glasses) since I was 35, about fifteen years now. I never had one problem getting used to them, I just put them on and could magically see better. The bifocal contact lenses didn't work for me but the glasses...well, I read well enough to buy and enjoy all your books, so I think they are working fine!

I don't even remember it was so long ago. But I'm about to get my eyes checked again because I can't see shit with this prescription.

What makes me feel old? Lots of stuff, because I am old. And it doesn't help that everyone I work with is 20 and 30 years younger.

Or maybe it does.

I don't know . . . last night I bought several button-down shirts for work, and today I noticed one was two neck-sizes too large. How did I confuse 18 for 16? I still don't think I need glasses. I just need longer arms. :)

Karen, I knew you had an adjustment period...

Clair, thanks for putting everything in perspective and for your knowledge of everything under the sun.

Michele, I just returned from the eye doc and HOLY CRAP are my glasses expensive, so now I remember why it took me so long.

Kathy B, thanks for saying my glasses are cute, even with 3 new pair - one without bifocal option for computer work, a regular pair and a pair of sunglasses, I'm still taking these ones in to have new lenses put in.

Kathy T - hey, woman thanks for stopping by!!

Mo - see, that's why I was hesitant to complain because I have bad vision, but I do have correctable vision...

Donna, glad to hear you've had no issues. I ordered new contacts to try so we'll see how those go, glad you're enjoying the books :)

Good luck to you David, my college daughter was amazed she can actually...see when she wears her glasses, which rarely happens.

Becky I did get a pair for working on the computer that aren't bifocals, so we'll see how that goes. but 7 pairs? Ugh.

Uh-huh, Michael, I've been down that river of denial a long time too!

This has nothing to do with glasses, but at the age of 60, I bought a new electric guitar today that I plan to play at 11.

Age ain't nothing but a number.

Lori, I wear progressive lenses in my glasses. I've finally had to admit that when I wear my contacts, I need cheater reading glasses for needlework, reading the newspaper, reading prescription bottles and playing Scrabble on my iPhone. So far, I don't need them for the computer.

I have four pairs of cheaters -- one in my handbag; one at my desk at work; one in the living room/dining room; one in the bedroom.

Luckily, down on Big Pine at the weekly "flea market" there's a vendor who sells cheaters in lots of styles and funky colors. So, your cheaters can be cool, too.

I had absolutely perfect vision (actually better than 20/20 in one eye, 20/20 in the other) until about a year ago, when I constantly needed my husband's glasses to read a menu and finally had to buckle under and buy reading glasses. As for what makes me feel old -- my daughter, who can't believe I survived at her age without a DS or computer games or DVDs or iPhones or...

Alison, I can remember when we only had three stations on TV, and those were only in black and white. Once when my family went to Atlanta, my sisters and I sat on the hotel bed watching the color bars on the hotel's TV. Wow! Oh yeah, MTV used to be all about music videos. Those were the days...

i feel your pain. Not that I need bifocals (yet), on the other hand my distant vision is so bad that without my contacts in reading glasses do nothing for me. What I need to get is a pair of glasses to wear so I'm not totally dependent on my contacts.
See ya soon. :)

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