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Picked up your new book last night at Mystery Lovers and can't wait to read it!!

I only gamble at Catholic School fundraisers. Our black jack table is always the loudest, but we're not very savvy.

Pretty in Ink popped into my kindle yesterday as I was leaving for the airport. I started it waiting for my flight, read more during my flight. I HATED that I had to put it down to drive from airport #2 to my hotel. Finally alone in my room, I sat read until there was no more to read. I enjoyed this one as much as Missing Ink and now I am counting down until book 3 is released. To fill the rest of my business trip I loaded your 4 previous books on my kindle and started Scred Cows over breakfast. Thank you!!

So glad you bought at Mystery Lovers, Kathy!

Mo, thanks so much! My biggest fear is that someone will put the book down and never pick it back up again...

I'm not a gambler, I'll play electronic poker if I'm forced to kill time in a casino...but $20 is my limit. I guess I work to hard for my money to "enjoy" throwing it in a fucking sinkhole.

Part of it stems from working as a bookkeeper at a restaurant/hotel, which had a bar filled with video lottery machines. Since we owned the machines, it was my job to pull the money and count it every morning, and balance payouts against money received. When I saw $200 to $300 in crisp twenties, I knew someone had gone to the instant cash machine to gamble and it just made me incredibly sad. Lots of the employees were addicted to gambling so that made me twice as cautious.

I play everything - blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, all of it. I love gambling. LOVE it.

Playing roulette with my best friend is the greatest because he plays what he calls a no lose system. He only plays black or red and if he loses he just doubles his next bet to make sure he breaks even.

It is fun to see him sweat when he is down $500 and has to place the thousand dollar bet to break even.

I suck at gambling! I've never played a table game, only the slots. And I very seldom bring anything home because I am that sucker who will continue playing once ahead because I figure, what's a little when you can have a lot? (In retrospect, a little looks damn good when you're leaving with nothing--and a wife who says "I told you so.")

PS -- PRETTY IN INK--and you'll pardon the play on words--is a sure bet. How can tattoos, drag queens, and murder result in anything less than a winner?

Karen, I loved Brett's first book, so I know the second one's going to be great too.

As for gambling, I once put money on the Kentucky Derby following a tip from someone I met in the infield. I won enough money for dinner on the way home to Knoxville.

On the cross-country trip (the same one with my five Vegas hours in hell), we stayed at Circus Circus in Reno, where I played the video poker games. Like Lori, I set $20 as my limit, then played for two hours on various machines (moving around to avoid smokers), and left with $18.00. I think it was all the practice on my video poker game CD prior to our trip that gave me the edge.

iIn 1969 I lost every penny I had playig blackjack.

My favorite game?


I do't play it, or any card game any more, but I'll drop a few bucks on the ponies.

I love to watch 'em run.

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