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Just watched Zombieland on DVD and LOVED it. It's now my second favorite zombie movie after Shawn of the Dead, and that's really saying something because I love all zombie movies. Also, I'm very psyched for 212 by Alafair Burke -- who will be guest-blogging on this very site next Tuesday!

I'm psyched, too, for Alafair's new book. And if I ever finish Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (a real doorstopper and while good, it's taking me a long time to finish), I have to get to Wallace Stroby's Gone Til November and Nancy Martin's Our Lady of Immaculate Deception.

First, thanks for the mention.

And second, ARCHER is my new favorite show in the world ever in the whole world. Here is the linky for Archer on the Hulus:

Looking forward to the upcoming PWG, sir.

Digging ARCHER although I've missed it over the past couple of weeks because of scheduling issues.

John's one hell of a wirter. Crimefactory is publishing one of his stories in the coming months along with a couple of other New Pulp Press authors

And I MUST, MUST have the double issue of PWG within in the next two weeks

Archer is the definite shiznit. And FACELESS KILLERS was pretty good, though it took me a while to warm up to it.

Neil I would never presume to tell you shit that *you* should know about because you're the hipster here, not me :)

You forgot the "doofus" part.



Me?  You're callin' me a hipster?  That does it.  Meet me in Deadwood, bring your iron.  Shootout at high noon.

Herman looks quite dapper in that picture.

The constant rain this weekend finally melted what remained of our record-breaking, heavy-duty snows in February.

In the last two weeks I've read some fun books by Carolyn Hart, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Jeff Cohen and Jim & Joyce Lavene to prepare for the "New to Woo" panel I'm moderating at Malice.

Wow, Alison. I've never met or heard of anyone who was such a zombie connoisseur. Can you do a blog about how to rate zombie movies?

Ha! Great idea Becky! I was actually talking to my husband today about how I never saw a zombie movie I didn't love. But he pointed out that the ones I've seen -- all the George Romero ones, 28 Days Later, Shawn of the Dead etc. -- are really the cream of the crop. So I guess I've missed ALL the bad zombie movies? I don't know. I still think it's a good blog topic.

Alison, it would be awesome to learn how you'd rate zombie movies, even just among the ones by George Romaro. Where else could I find out about important things to look for in Shawn of the Dead? This is the blog I come to for this information.

Neil thanks for the info on the noir/crime zine scene. I didn't realize it had been so neglected. (See, I really do learn things on this site.) Good luck on the TV deal for Yellow Medicine.

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