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OK, I agree with you. But that's probably because I don't drink. That, and I seem to have outgrown all my green clothing...

Parades, even with drinking, tend to suck. Drinking only makes them tolerable.

As for wearing green, I wore my one green sweater today, mostly because it was cold this morning.

And if someone offered to buy me a Guinness (I don't drink beer), it would be churlish to deny them the pleasure now, wouldn't it.

I think every holiday should be based around drinking. Just think how much better the egg rolling would be on Easter.

I'm with Terrenoire on this - all holidays should involve alcohol!!

I usually have a beer and a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's on St. Paddy's...probably not this year.

But we are having corned beef and cabbage, a long Armstrong tradition. We also have it other times during the year too...

In NYC it's the best day to eat Italian. No ONE goes to an Italian restaurant on SPD.

I'm having a Pepsi and wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.

I an wearing a watch with a green band and carrying a green handled knife.

If you want to be really anti-St. Patrick's day wear orange and complain about everything that happened after 1916.

Aquavit swiller.

I have to agree with David about how parades suck. Even when relatives are in them, they are long and boring, until the relatives show up. Then you smile and wave and are generally happy forever, until the relatives march past. Then it's dull and boring again.

I didn't wear green today, and it's usually my best color. But I totally forgot it was St. Patty's Day until I got out on the road. Then you couldn't miss it with all the shamrocks and smiling Irish dudes plastered on banners around town. Stores were advertising St Patrick Day specials and, of course, bars & restaurants wanted to ply you with Irish food and beer. I resolved to stay strong and not stop at any of those places (which wasn't too hard since I don't really drink and have a particular aversion to corned beef).

Erin Go Bragh, anyway!

For the record, I don't eat herring. But I do enjoy a good white cream sauce and potatoes.

When I left work today, I had to pass a bagpiper on the sidewalk in front of an Irish pub on my way to the bus. He did not want to get out of my way. I was sure he had read this post.

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