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Lori, you probably do have drag queens in South Dakota, you just don't know about it. I had no idea about the very extensive drag queen community in New Haven until I started talking to people about it!

I've been to New Orleans three times, two of which were for New Year's Eve. Need I say more? (I will anyway.)

My friends and I didn't realize the first N.O. club we walked into was a drag show. But we figured it out pretty quickly. Had a blast too. But you don't have to go to a club to see drag queens. There are plenty just walking around the historic district having fun in the crowd. I don't think I've ever seen more gorgeous "women" either.

I've been to a few drag shows with friends in West Hollywood, and also to a seen-to-be-believed outdoor drag festival in NYC called Wigstock in NYC. Drag queens are great, but I must say, they make me feel inadequate, short and underdressed.

Never been to one.

And I thought Born went by the name Maroon Aluminum.

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