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Right on about Black Lizard/Vintage Crime. I have a lot of their books from the late 1980s when they used black & white photographs in extreme closeup and very soft focus to evoke the noir fiction on their pages.

We DO judge a book by its cover. At first, anyway. That's precisely the purpose of covers. So many publishers miss the boat on this in favor of stroking their own individual tastes.

Keep up the drumbeat!

Greg Kihn wrote a horror novel, you know. Should've picked that one up when I had the chance.

Yeah, I remember that.  I thought he wrote two, even.

"Playing air guitar with a piece of wood, when surrounded by zombies."

Thanks for taking me back, Neil.

Just about every Black Lizard/Vintage reissue of Jim Thompson, but especially the KILLER INSIDE ME. The burning eyes thing is brutal.

When I was in middle school that whole video was above my head.

As a video it's a pretty decent movie.

To be honest, I guess I've never really seen the covers...maybe I've been hiding under a rock.

Thanks for the flashback, Neil.

I also loved Weird Al's version of this song "I Lost on Jeopardy"

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