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No, they do not go away. I got that effing mundo virus about a year and a half ago and despite a fair amount of money paid to "clean" the computer - its never been the same since.

I had similar problems with my PC, Karen. For years, it was one thing after another, with tech support people throwing darts at boards, hoping for a temporary solution so they could move on to the next caller.

Then, like you, I got a Mac. Oh, was I intimidated! For years, the spin was that Macs are DIFFERENT and more COMPLEX than PCs, reason enough not to make the switch. But I had two trusted friends who had badgered me relentlessly until I finally caved in about five months ago.

And you know what? Macs aren't the temptation of the Antichrist. They're not so difficult or complex. They're just a better made machine, which so far, has produced very smooth sailing for me.

Virus? Not sure what you're talking about.

Patty the MAC user.

"Patty the MAC user," which is why Patty's Smiling ;-)

Wish I had one. :(

You MAC users are like a cult.

I wanna be in it too!

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