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Lori, me likie! It's got more sweep than the original, which I liked a lot, but it doesn't lose the flavor of the west.

Regarding how to get people to your site, beats the hell out of me. I don't even go to my *own* website!

I would say that Karin Tabke's First Line Contest drove a lot of eyeballs to her blog, and now she's built a good community over there.

And Lee Lofland's site is jamming. Of course, he's made it a clearing house of sorts, with all the cop stuff and agents and editors and guest authors. It's like the Huffington Post for crime writers.

Your site looks great, Lori! I totally agree with Jake re: Lee Loffland's site. It's wonderful and informative and always changing. Huffington Post for crime writers is the perfect description... You do bring up a sore topic, though, since my website (sort of a homemade thingie) hasn't been updated in... uh... a year. I've been getting a lot of fanmail on my facebook page and myspace, and even a few tweets on twitter, from readers who believe my website may not be the best way to reach me. Rest assured, I'll fix it -- after I make deadline on this book. But in the meantime, I'm glad for social networking.

Lori, your new website looks wonderful! Also, your amazing book covers look great at that size.

I visit favorite author's websites occasionally, but the ones I go back to are updated frequently. Why bother going back if nothing ever changes? Even telling readers that a series is in hiatus or no longer published is helpful.

One of my favorite author sites is Meg Cabot's. She writes on her blog about three times a week, and sometimes daily. She's always upbeat and funny, and she highlights issues she supports, like protecting the environment and registering to vote (and then actually doing so).

There are several websites I could name as my least favorite, but they all have one thing in common...they are never updated. I think it's wonderful that you plan to blog once a week. I'll have to pop in every once in a while to see what you have to say.

Boy I wish there where more folks like you out there.

that believe that the work is better to hire out the professionals to do the work. I think to many people want to save money by building their own websites, which there is a huge learning curve, and usually takes you away from what you do best. It would be like me wanting to write a novel to save on money to simply buy one.

Good luck with the launch of your 2 new sites. SOunds like you have found the trick to success for getting high traffic to your sites!


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I rarely visit author websites unless they blog on the site instead of something on blogger, wordpress, or the like. Normally it's because authors don't often have fluid, ongoing content on the site. But that's just my overgeneralization showing...

Fresh content. Like Alison, I couldn't tell you the last time I updated my website. Sad, really. But those that I know post new content on a regular basis, I visit them regularly. FOFO Laura Lippman runs something new at the start of each month - so I always pop over and check it out because I know it will be there.

I like going to author websites to read excerpts, especially if it's an author I don't know and I want to get a feel for the writing, see if I would like it. I also check events of authors in my area.

My book pages with excerpts are the most read on my website, according to my stats.

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