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I spend way too much time on YouTube. And I spend too much time and too much money at both http://www.shirtsanddestroy and and then there's and other various music sites.

Good choice with the Biram, too.

Oh, hell yes, Nine Bullets!  I love those guys.  I did a post for them this past summer.  Great joint to pick up on new tunes.

I have to check back on these two every couple of days. Particularly the second one:

I personally can't get enough of - Look At This Fucking Hipster. And if you're a sports fan, Deadspin is goodness.

What's the matter? Afraid to post to your favorite porn sites?

None of your business. Find your own.

I have to check that woman who reads a book every day and writes a scintillating review of it.
Can anyone possibly read a book a day and not the quick stuff either.

I am a huge Tyler Durden fan. Inappropriate, profane and funny as hell.

I look for the Daily Chuck photo at

Is that the book a day gal who says she is not a speed reader? I call BS on that.

Amen, Gerald.

I love And I don't even feel like I'm blowing off writing when I check it because it's given me book ideas.

I'm trying to stay away from a lot of negative news right now, so to keep from blowing a gasket, I first run over to,this blog, and I next go to, and for my gossip. Only then do I hit and

Occasionally I'll catch up with sales of high-priced properties, the likes of which I'll never be able to own(or in some cases never want to buy), at Then I check out what new e-books are free for kindle at, which I proceed to download to my iTouch.


I kinda like, and of course is always quality.

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