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I saw Hall and Oates in concert in 1981. They are totally babe worthy.

The great thing about the Shamus Award dinner was that when Lori's name was announced, Judy Bobalik had Lori on the phone and she went up to the mike and repeated Lori's acceptance. I called Lori later, and she was still a little in shock.

But this is why she SHOULD have been there. Deadlines be damned.

Just sayin'.

Duuuuuude. H&O. "Private Eyes". I am in awe of you.

I missed my Friday post b/c I was hip-deep in Bcon, and because we all had to share Sean's computer to check our email. Not much time for posting.

Congrats to Lori, who was too busy researching/writing erotica to come pretend to be a big shot at Bcon like the rest of us. But she is now officially a slightly-bigger-shot. Way to go!

Don't worry J and L. I'm going to Photoshop you into the official Bcon FO pic soon.

Congratulations Lori, this is great news. I am in awe.

And I think Oates is a babe. Or is that Hall? I get them confused.

Hall is the babe. I saw him live in concert last summer. Summer of '08, I mean. If I remember correctly. I left a few essential brain cells in Indianapolis . . . but I do remember how great it was that night when Lori won the Shamus.

In other Shamus-related news, Karen looked fabulous, and it turns out that Bob Randisi is a terrific singer. Who knew?

Congrats, Lori!

Missed you in Indy.


I wish Lori would have been there, because she may have been more entertaining than she was at last year's Beer For My Horses panel.

Congrats to Lori for winning and congrats to Karen for being nominated and not getting too pissed off when Lori won.

I totally made that up.

Again, all congratulations to our fantastic Lori! L and J, I'm sure both your ears were burning from so many people talking about how bummed they were you both weren't there. And as the person who posted the little ditty, Jeff... Vodka doesn't stain.

Vodka is a universal solvent.

Wow, Lori. Way to Go! (Sorry, Karen. Your books are wonderful, too!)

Congrats, Lori! Third (?) time's the charm!

Congrats to you, too, Karen.

You girls ROCK!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who popped onto the FO site and congratulated me. I still am stunned.

I was thrilled to be nominated with Karen and she was so unbelievably excited that I won, that I felt guilty when she called me.

Sorry I missed you all at Bouchercon, one of these days I'll buy everyone a round in celebration!

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