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Hmmm. Impulse buys. I always seem to buy a soda at the checkout stand at the grocery store. I bought The Suicide Bunnies, but is not embarrassing in anyway because I love that book. Magazines. I buy magazines like they are going out of style.

Love love love Suicide Bunnies.

One of my favorite books was an impulse buy: DIVORCED, BEHEADED, SURVIVED. About guess what? Henry VIII's wives. My favorite obsession.

For me it's iTune. I'll get a $25 iTunes card and I'll leave it sit in my account and then one day I'll impulsively buy song after song until it's gone.

When I used to go to China a lot, I'd go to the markets in Beijing and buy watches impulsively.

The Mystery Bookstore-Los Angeles keeps a display of Suicide Bunnies books on the checkout counter, because no one can resist them. (They're perfect stocking stuffers, if you want to buy one online from them:

I am a sucker for anti-frizz products. The only one that really works for me is so expensive that I too guilty to buy it, even though it would probably be cheaper than the vast array of worthless $3.99 bottles and tubes on my bathroom shelves.

In fact, I bought a tube of a NEW and IMPROVED anti-frizz gel from Herbal Essence just this morning. Sigh.

What's the name of that expensive anti-frizz product, Clair? Inquiring minds want to know. I too have a basket of haircare products that don't work. But my real impulse buy is earrings. In fact, anything shiny and under 20 bucks, I'm there.

Bumble & Bumble's Curl Conscious. It smells really good, too. Once in a while I get a bottle for my birthday or Christmas. . .

Clair - that's where I got mine - Bobby said "Hey you gotta see this" and I was like "MINE!!!"

I'm actually going to be in LA next week. I've got to know what Suicide Bunnies books are all about. Bobby save me one.

Hmmm... I bought a boat. Technically, I don't think that counts as an impulse buy. I mean, it's not like I drove past a marina saw the boat docked with a For Sale sign and said, "That's it. How much?"

I've sort of wanted one for awhile but held back, hobbled by the question, "What do I do with it when a hurricane's approaching?"

Then my experienced boat-owner friends pointed out that if I put in a boat lift, I could secure the boat above the surge level. Right then and there I decided to start the process of finding and purchasing.

So no, that wasn't really an impulse.

Not like the time I evacuated the Keys ahead of Hurricane Rita and ended up in a hotel room, bored, with Internet access and a credit card.

Yes, I know what you're thinking but the story isn't that good.

I ordered a digital camera.

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