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Stubble, little or no sleep, amphetamines, black coffee (never a half-caf-organic-shade-grown-free-trade, pumpkin mocha with a whip), ham sandwiches always falling apart, guns never being ready to fire (always got to chamber a round because, you know, you may be a cold-blooded killer but you always forget), monsoon rain like someone slit open a fire hose. Lots of mildew. Again, all that monsoon rain. Caucasian cab drivers.

is the sheriff of a small town, and said sheriff is completely bugshit crazy and enjoys secretly tormenting the people he is meant to protect. He may also enjoy openly tormenting the people he is meant to protect.

A guy/girl wakes up after a three day booze/dope-a-thon only to discover they're covered in dried blood and flecks of bone and absolutely needs to find out whose blood they're covered in.

Backwoods rednecks cooking up speed/growing pot/bootleg booze.

Human trafficking

Kittens pawing flowers and unicorns prancing in the fields.



You're doing it wrong.

Nothing more than a guy, his gal, and 500 rounds of ammo. Wait, that's "hardboiled".

Black and white.

Criminals going against criminals. There's nothing like rooting for the bad guy to fuck up the even worse guy and leave e.w.guy in a puddle of his own piss and shit and blood and vomit (for some reason, there's always vomit...and c'mon, man, vomit is fucking NOIR).

Nothing good can come from this.

Hell Smith, you pretty much covered it all already.

I did just think of one.
- Innocent seeming girl fucks guy silly. Guy falls hard for her but realizes, too late, she is a liar and a tramp and has been using him all along.

My life. Honestly.

Jukeboxes, fog, cheap cologne/perfume, dirty tanktops.

From behind.

Heat spells, full-slips, t-shirts under shoulder-holsters, slaps across the face, swinging ceiling lamps.

And hides in an oven.


Boy just wants to play football.
Girl pulls football away.
Girl sweet talks boy.

Boy believes girl

Girl pulls away football again.

Right guy, wrong choice. Good intentions gone bad. Shit shaking out of control too fast to stop it.

Ditto, Karen.

Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall

Smokey rooms, nightclubs, piano players

1940s/1950s settings

Tough guy talk

Drunk, barely-making-it PIs

Guy Noir, Private Eye

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