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I actually thought about eating at that Weber Grill, but kept winding up in one of the three Brew Pubs between the Hyatt and the Omni.

Used to be I wanted to be on both Survivor and The Amazing Race. I even filled out an application for Survivor. I never sent it in, but I filled it out. If I had to choose one:

The Amazing Race.

My cousin actually came very close to being on Survivor (!) I'm thinking Amazing Race too for the travel, but I'd be so tempted to blow off the challenges and just go exploring and eating and drinking.

We ate at the Weber Grill twice.
In Michigan you can smoke in restaurants (unless they forbide it) and bars. It's horrible.

I'm totally into the Amazing Race but since I can't fly without Xanax and I absolutely won't bungee jump or do the food challenges, I'd probably be the first team off.

Patti, how did we not meet??

Karen, I got a t-shirt from Sara Paretsky — her last one, in fact. Perhaps we can negotiate a deal; I have seen how dangerous you can be with a fake gun.

Amazing Race. I think Alison and I should apply to be a team and then get eliminated on the first leg.

While I love THE AMAZING RACE, I know damned well I wouldn't be able to pull it off. Too much flying, eating weird shit, and getting up at weird hours of the morning.

So I'll take SHARK TANK, as I wish I had a business idea of invention I could go and cash in on. Love that show.

Sounds creepy, but I think hanging out with the JACKASS crew would be a awesome.

It's a deal Jeff -- we just have to make sure the first leg is to a country where they serve excellent food and alcohol.

What is this TV of which you all speak?

So I'm going to cheat and say I'd like to be on a game show on CMT called the Singing Bee - country karoyke people. Now don't that sound like fun?

You all had so much fun at Bouchercon. Sigh.

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