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Lori, I'm so glad that authors are starting to make decent profits from ebooks. In fact, how could authors and booksellers NOT make a good profit, since ebooks don't involve a print run and associated costs.

I'm an avid ebook reader and download from Kindle, eReader, Stanza & Barnes and Noble to my iTouch. Before I got my iTouch, I was downloading to my computer through Mobipocket, eReader, Adobe and eSony.

I now only buy print copies when I'm at an author's booksigning, when a book is only sold in print and when I want to give a book as a gift. It's so much easier to carry around 25 books on my iTouch than in my arms, and it's easier on my pocketbook too. ;-D

Becky, I guess it's just you and me, eh?

Funny how when I put thought into a blog post I get no responses, so thank you for yours.

I have an ebookwise and a sony reader...I like both for different reasons. I bought a kindle but had to return it, only because the whispernet feature doesn't work here in the wild west, as we have no Sprint provider. I was bummed, but I wanted that instantaneous access to books and immediate download ability, especially since I already have two e-readers that I have to transfer the books to.

Before the sony I bought lots of books in Adobe pdf and read them on my computer. I don't mind that, since I'm used to reading on the computer. I think one of the issues is lack of information about all the available formats for ebooks. I was thrilled when Books on Board was one of the first vendors to sell I-phone apps and a Lorelei James title was one of the first titles they offered.

Thanks for jumping in~

The one concern I have with Joe's argument is where he says he thinks he wants his books to go out of print. I have to think that some of the ebook success - for him specifically - is tied to the fact that his books - and hence his name - are still circulating in the book world. It the traditional forms of his books aren't available, I wonder if there would be a change in the numbers.

But its hard to argue with the trend and the numbers. It makes sense.

Since I bought my Kindle a year and a half ago I have expanded who and what I read. I am more willing try a new author when I can pick the book up fast and inexpensively. I buy more books and yes, I have started to read Lorelei James. Thanks for your post. ...Mo


Congrats on the Shamus!


Holy SHIT Lori. Congrats on the Shamus. Wish you were here.

Congrats on the Shamus Lori.

Hey Lori -- Congrats on the Shamus! (Is it just you and me not at B'Con too?)

My first PDA was a Palm, and I started reading books from eReader on that about five or six years ago. I don't mind reading small print, so I enjoyed it. But only a few titles were available then. About two years ago I discovered Books on Board. Wow, they are awesome, usually have the best prices and have wonderful customer service. And I've bought a few of your books from BoB too.

My favorite format from BoB was Mobipocket PX because I could download the original book covers (in color). Lately their Mobipocket format is in the OD format which doesn't include the cover in the download. No way could I miss Karen's colorful book covers for her Brett Kavenaugh series. So I've switched to Kindle and Barnes & Noble for my iTouch reading fixes, where I can download book covers in color and change the font and background colors and the font sizes through the Kindle, B&N, eReader and Stanza apps.

And what a bummer you can't get service for the Kindle where you live. I have to be at a wi-fi spot to download all of my ebooks, so I can sympathize. But since I'm usually either at home or B&N, that's not too much of a problem...yet.

And if I didn't say it before, I'll say it again:

CONGRATULATIONS on your Shamus!! Awesome recognition for your writing!

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