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Put on a pig snout and go as a banker.

You could cut the seat out of a pair of pants, show your ass and go as the Republican party.

One more:

You could go sans clothing as The Naked Truth.

If you were Jeff Shelby you would be The Ugly Truth.

If it was really cold you could go as An Inconvenient Truth.

Your hair is the perfect length to gel up and be the Bride of Frankenstein!

You dress up as Terrenoire, your husband dresses up as the ocean and that makes you...The Old Man and The Sea.

This is dating me but the best one I ever saw was Groucho Marx and the bird that came down on his TV show with the magic word. I bet no one remembers that.

Go as Christa Faust and a Mexican wrestler.

One year I went as Scarlett O'Hara and Mr. LGA went as Ghandi....wait for it...

We were Ghandi with the Wind-y.

Boo. I have no suggestions. Every year the kids asked me and I'm about if you're a ghost?

I'm not a Halloween person. I buy candy I like and hope no trick or treaters come to the door so I can eat it all myself.

One year we didn't want to wear a lot of junk, so we made a big check in our hosts name, got some balloons and roses, made a fake mic and a camera and showed up as Publishers Clearing House Giveaway. With Ed McM. dead, you could tap into the zombie nonsense.

LOL on Ghandi with the Wind-y! And I love the Publishers Clearinghouse idea.

I am pathetic when it comes to Halloween. I have never had an interesting costume and fear I cannot suggest anything.

My husband, on the other hand, thinks you and Mike should go as Jon and Kate.

Of course I remember Groucho and the word-of-the-day bird, Patti! In fact, my dog bears a striking resemblance to Groucho from the You Bet Your Life period. Right now, I'm thinking the big contenders are Bride of Frankenstein, Ghandi with the Windy (but I doubt I'll find a scarlett o'hara outfit on this short notice) and Jon and Kate -- you think they make reverse mullet wigs? And do you think we can RENT some Ed Hardy clothes for Mike? No way would he pay for that crap. Nah, it's Publisher's Clearinghouse all the way. I love that idea! The thing is, Mike and I prefer to dress as Christa and a Mexican wrestler in the privacy of our own home. Ditto the Old Man and the Sea. And why do David's costumes always involve nudity?

They're simple. That's why. Everyone has the basic ingredients.

That and I long to see Shelby naked.

Terrenoire, why do I get the feeling you just gave Shelby an ego boost by using the words "long" and "Shelby naked" in the same sentence?

Best costume I ever saw was a girl who painted the carboard box her new dryer came in to look like a milk carton, cut out a big square on the side and some arm-holes, hung shoulder straps inside it, and went as a missing kid.

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