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"You... you mean you want me to... pour coffee... over ice?"

This was my reaction when I first heard of the concept. Still is, pretty much.

And Alison, there was at least one graphic novel/comics panel in Baltimore (how could there not be with Jon Jordan around?)

Congrats again, Lori!

Good to finally meet you. As blurry and out of focus as it all seemed in Indy, I had a great time and doubled over at too many ridiculous inside jokes, like: "If I wrote a horror script, it would be TREMORS."

And of course, "How dry do you want it?"

"nice tall glass with whipped cream and cinnamon on top!" It's a chick thing. Same bartender tried to do that to Jim Born.

Sorry Alison, you do snore. I was at that early morning panel.

I found the bar at the Hyatt had an outstanding IPA Wheat Beer, whatever the hell that is, and I think I finished off the keg.

The barista at the Omni Hotel Coffee bar makes a hell of a Caramel Macchiato.

The Slippery Noodle not only has a provocative name, but they play some damn good music there as well. Who would have guessed they'd even heard of the Blues in Indy.

And Jim Huang did a great job at organizing the event.

I miss you guys already.

Hi Alison. We chatted on the shuttle bus in Indy - you were arriving just as I was leaving. I was the fellow NU grad. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hello and also that you totally stole this post's headline from me. ;)

Drop me a note if you ever make it out to Denver/Boulder.

That's hilarious, Derek! Well you know what they say. Great Northwestern minds...

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