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There's only one book it could possibly be: MOBY DICK.

Jesus, Shelby, I'm OK with your Babes in Joyland obsession, but Waterfall?

Goddamn I hate that song.

"Don't go chasing waterfalls." WTF does that mean? Waterfalls pretty much stay in one place and, therefore, are relatively easy to catch, negating the need for any chase-like activity.

This is just stupidity trying to sound profound. Stick to the rivers and lakes you're used to? WTF?

God, I hate this song.

Right now, I need everyone to drive to Terrenoire's house and blast Waterfalls. This should be fun.

No, Shelby. He's right. This song blows.

You both realize what I'm going to do with this, right? That I'm going to tell everyone I saw you two dancing together to this song and that you both hate it because it reminds you of each other now that you two aren't a couple anymore? You know that, right?

I can live with that.

I'm in a bookclub with several friends from work. Many people think this is an excuse for us to get together and drink wine.

Many people would be partially right. We do drink wine at book club, but we've never needed an excuse.

We also discuss the books. Sometimes the discussion lasts 15 minutes and the wine drinking and chatting about other stuff goes on for hours. Sometimes the discussion also goes on for hours.

We've read everything from romance, to biographies, to mysteries to memoirs. We're about to embark on the Time Traveler's Wife.

So, FO, when you start your bookclub, remember -- wine is required.

Hey! I happen to LIKE Waterfalls!

"Hey! I happen to LIKE Waterfalls!" --Alison Gaylin

I bet Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8 likes it, too. I bet she's singing it all the time now. Did you think about that?

I'd almost rather think about my parents having sex.

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