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Right on Neil!

So true.

"Everyone" said spy novels were dead and WW2 novels were dead...about six seconds before Alan Furst was published.

Now of course chick lit "is dead" but anyone with four eyes can read a paranormal romance and see chick lit has just moved from uptown shopping to downtown ghosts.

Yeah, and the "death" of private eye fiction led the Pelecanos and Lehane and Chercover et. al.

I would even argue the must "die" before it can really be reborn.

Okay, I said newspapers were dying, and perhaps they still may well be, but the fact that the Journal Register Company has actually come out of bankruptcy has left me wondering that perhaps some of those dinosaurs actually will survive despite the slaughter.


Oh, no, you're right about newspapers. They actually are dying. Oops.

I'm all for talking about what makes something good or bad or smart or stupid, especially if it's stupid in a good way, but I don't care about blanket statements that say all disco sucks or all rap is bad or all blues sounds the same or nobody reads any more because that's just lazy, flatulent bullshit.

Ellington said it best. There are two kinds of music: Good music and bad music.

That applies to any of the arts.

Great blog, Neil! I'd go on more, but expansive comments are, you know, dead.

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