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Well, I haven't written a novel yet (hey! I'm workin' on it!) but every time I finish a short story I'm actually pretty enthused, as in, "Holy shit, I'm a fucking genius!"

Reality sets in later, of course, when I have to go back and re-read what I've written, but I'm always pretty psyched when I write "The End".

Congrats on being done. TACOS ALL AROUND!!!

Congrats on finishing up the new one so quickly! I hope it is soon in the hands of a worthy publisher! And with Rain Gods, literally one of his worst. I had to put it down and out it into the soon to be traded at the used bookstore pile

I bet that pile of crap you're wallowing over will smell like lavender to most of us, so finish and share already.

Congratulations on finishing the book, Neil!

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