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It's all so confusing. Woodstock wasn't at Woodstock. The Battle of Hastings wasn't at Hastings. (It was fought in what's now Battle.) The New York Giants don't play in New York. As Jeff knows, the University of California, San Diego isn't in San Diego. It's not fair to those of us easily confused.

Have you ever fallen in love ... only to find, later on, that it was Leslie West's Wedding?

Oh, yeah. In fact I wrote a couple of novels that my agent thought were Leslie West's wedding.

Don't feel bad, David. My entire first drafts of all four of my books: 300-plus pages of Leslie West's wedding.

I think I've had Leslie West's wedding in every single book...

I once had a (new, younger) editor, who'd taken over after my acquiring (seasoned) editor had moved onto greener pastures, call and ask me to kill a main character. She hated him, said if she'd been the acquiring editor she'd never have bought the book to begin with, and by the way that character was a wimp.

So I rewrote the entire book with a new main character. And added a subplot with 2 Dobermans. I had to rewrite the main character, but the Dobermans just made me feel good.

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