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My writing went all to hell with this new job. After working a 10-hour day, plus an hour in traffic, I just can't bring myself to write, and even when I do my brain shuts down after a page. It's made finishing this novel impossible. How I envy people their time now, more than ever.

With work and kids and pregnant wife and other life duties, my writing routine has devolved into just getting something on the page every day. I'm to the point now where I'm happy if I get anywhere between 300-600 words done. Every once in a while on a weekend I'll get a couple hours free where I can go to a coffee shop and knock out 1000 words or more, but that gets more rare the closer to Baby Two we get.

I was afraid I wouldn't get anything done after Spenser was born, but since then I finished 30k of one book, a 5k short story, and I'm close to finishing a 70k rough draft of a new book.

I'm lucky that I can do a little writing at work and then I get a little more done at home once Spenser goes to bed. I do find my story doesn't spin out of control quite as fast when I write in small chunks. I notice those plot miscues faster. But when I'm mchipping out 2k or more a day, I'd be 10k in the wrong direction before I realized it all had to go

My writing system has been subsumed by the new job.

I'm hoping that once C is back in school I'll be more able to organize my days efficiently.

I have no superstitions about writing. And I have no discipline.

I know what I won't miss: nettles. The friggin' jellyfish nettles in the bay this year have been a bear and a half. Had a couple go up my board shorts. That was zesty.

Doing JulNoWriMo kicked my arse into gear and I got quite a bit done. September is virtually free for me, and I've got some time to really focus on finishing up the novel rough draft. After that, I'm in a similar boat to those pre-writing new job will take over and I'll have to live for the dream of retirement.

I got a lot of writing done this summer. Other than that, there is not a damn thing I will miss about the summer of '09.

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