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We have very little summer this summer and I return to work in two weeks. Despite this, I got little accomplished. I am a giant slug.
Ain't fair.

I'm only know coming around to the joys of summer. I used to HATE summer. See, I always had my best jobs during the school year: newspaper editor, literary mad editor, writing tutor, etc. But those ended in the summer and I had to work crappy jobs. Very crappy jobs. So after spending so long in school I just grew to be a huge fall junkie and an aborhent hater of summer.

But now that I'm an adult and have the same job year round I'm kind of digging summer. I still can't wait for fall though because fall brings football.

The start of a school year is always *interesting* at least. As a student and a teacher, you get that "new car smell" for your entire first couple of weeks...but after Labor Day you start wishing Thanksgiving would hurry the fuck up.

It's hard to get enthused about summer because it's nearly over, the same way it's hard to *really* like Sundays because the next day is Monday, which bites, but (at least for writers) that's when you get mail again and those agents and editors reading your work would be more likely to get back to you, so...but even that fades once you have an agent and you don't have a book currently on submission.


Summer gets pretty boring near the end of it. Also, there are lots of hornets. I hate hornets. Go away bad hornets!

Become Canadian - school here doesn't start until the Tuesday after Labour Day - Sept. 8 this year!!!

Being a lifelong lover of sleeping in, I hated the start of school because it involved a lot of yelling at me to get out of bed.

Of course it is raining and 64F here in Vancouver today, not exactly summer weather. Well, actually completely summer weather for here.

I grew up in a snowy part of Pennsylvania where summer lasted from late July to the middle of August.

Then it snowed. Or so I remember.

Leaving for the plane to Panama, I dug my car out of 2 1/2 feet of the stuff and thought nothing of it. People promised me I'd miss the seasons.

I didn't. It was always summer, always about 85 degrees with an ocean breeze. There were two seasons - rainy and not-so-rainy. Fresh fruit year-round. Girls in sundresses and swimsuits.

What's not to love.

(We won't go into the combat boots, 50 pound pack, rifle and radio humping part of that experience.)

So yes, summer, even with its baking, blistering heat and humidity you could fluff into a pillow. Bring it on.

Even as a grown-up, I never want to see it end.

Love summer. Love it. Although my daughter gets really antsy by the end of it and I know she just needs to get back to school and her friends. (Half an hour back from our trip to Paris, she was on the phone with all her friends because while we were gone, everyone got their letters saying what teams they're on this year.)

As a teacher I can honestly say that kids have one thing right. Summer without school is so much better than the rest of the year with it.

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