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Thanks so much, guys! I'm on the road, but will try and check back throughout the day. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks for guesting today Stacey and sharing your insight!

Thank you, Lori!

Welcome, Stacey! Blog tours have always worked for me, too.

I've been amazed at the reception from so many folks on this tour, and at the momentum it has created.

Thanks, Karen.

BTW, who all is going to Bouchercon this fall?

I'll be at Bouchercon. Should be fun!

Cool, Boyd! Let's plan to get a bite to eat together. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help on the whole Kindle boom! I couldn't have done it without your lead with your books.

A belated welcome, Stacey! And I'll be at BCon too!

I'm planning on going to Bouchercon. It looks like there are a lot of people going there, and it being an hour or less away from my house only makes it more convenient (though I might want to stay at the hotel anyway, if I get enough cash on me after dropping the $150 registration fee).

I'd like to meet both of you, Boyd and Stacey! Always great to meet authors.


Good to meet you! I'm curious how you made your book trailer. Not sure yet if I think they're worth the cost, so I'd love to hear some tips.

Hey, Clea, we were actually on a panel together at Bouchercon Chicago! (Clearly I made a great impression on you:)

The book trailer consisted of me downloading footage from YouTube, re-cutting it in Final Cut Pro so that the screen-shot showed the mountain lion pouncing on the man and adding the book cover and music at the end.

Cost $0.00 to make.

Here's the link:

Hey, Alison and Dawson! See you guys in Indie!

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