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I always knew these two would make it.

Ick ick ick.

All right, so now their older daughter's only one year away from dating age! Wonder whether she's already scoping out the 35-year-old gym teacher.

I can see the reality show now: Hot for Teacher - The Next Generation!

Here's what I'd really like to know - who attended this party and will admit to it?

Isn't he getting too old for her now?

I like it. Shows class.


As a teacher, I am so disgusted. I really have no words.

Along with the Joey Buttafuoco/Amy Fisher reunion show, I actually view it as one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

I second what Jen wrote.

When I was in high school we had a REALLY hot new teacher. I mean he was super duper hot.

One of my classmates supposedly slept with him...we were all jealous. However, we were all 17 or 18 and he'd JUST gotten out of college, so the age difference wasn't that huge.

Alison, I wanna know how come YOU'RE not on TV dissing the celebs for In Touch Weekly -- I've seen some of your coworkers on E!

I had a HS teacher like that too, Lori. He wound up marrying a girl one year ahead of me a few years after she graduated. (But do keep in mind, Mary Kay was an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL teacher.) And I'm not on TV because I'm too shy!! Some In Touch contributors, like Bobbi on the West Coast, could just as easily be TV commentators. They look great and come across as confident and in the know. They're much better suited to that stuff than me.

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