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I need some serious time off. But that's not going to happen until they plant me, I suspect. So, I try to snatch a little time here and there for myself.

I've been reading more lately, with an Aubrey/Maturin adventure in my bag now and next up is a new one from Ray Banks, who never disappoints. I expect I'll pick up Hogdoggin' before the summer's out because I enjoyed Yellow Medicine a lot.

Music: There's a neo-soul singer and player named James Hunter that I really like. Great stuff. And I'm trying to steal harp licks from Carlos Del Junco, a player so great he'll take the top of your head off.

Other than those tiny slivers of vacation, I'll be at my desk, dreaming of po' boys, spicy shrimp and all damn day to do whatever my spirit is moved to do.


Nothing re-charges my batteries more than working with people creatively toward some common project. A book, an interview, building a studio, workshopping a section from a novel, moderating a panel discussion...

Anything where I'm working with someone else beats the hell out of working alone.

Congrats on Hogdoggin', Neil. Would love to interview you via Skype for my TV show about it.

Yoga. Sunshine. Lilacs :)

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