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Um, yeah, that back copy sure sounds like romance to me.


Death, depression and deprivation are what passes for romance in the Born household.

On a side note, I'm just happy to be in the computer at all.

Point Shelby.
Excellent -Authors who are jackasses.
And to throw Terrenoire under the bus too. That's risky.

Jim B

How gracious of Jim, conceding the point to Jeff. But Jeff, were I you,I'd be a bit worried. Jim may smile and nod and be a gentleman for a while but I'd watch those back alleys and dark hallways and stairwells and whatnot. Hell, you might not even feel it until it's all over.

This totally cracked me up.

And because I'm just back from the pool and all relaxed and stuff I've got nothing else...

How I love this! Yes, Jim Born is our favorite male erotica author, so I really can't think of a better section for his book to be in. Congrats on the release, Jim!!

Thank you for the good wishes.

It is a great photo and dialog.

Wait till I have a few minutes.


Shelby, Born is totally gonna get you one of these days :)

Congrats to James on the beginning of his dual life...

Okay, that was reasonably funny. Who are you, and what have you done with Jeff Shelby?

You shouldn't pair the the phrase "male erotica" with the word "release" in the same post.

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