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Shelby's Perverse Obsession

Well, I'm calling it "Pussy Jeff's Stolen Idea Because He's a Dickhead and Should Be Chased by Carnivorous Emus While Covered in Honey and Whatever It Is Emus Like to Eat, You Theiving Son of a Whore!"

Great, I spelled "thieving" wrong, didn't I? Totally blew the mood.

How about calling this segment "Shelby's a girlie name, so here's a girlie song to go with it."?

Sounds good, right?

"My penis is missing."

Don't listen to those haters, Jeff. Kelly rules!!

Jeff, don't pay attention to what the other commenters are saying. If the author of two great noir surfing tales has a crush on Kelly Clarkson.... Well that's the way it is. Stay strong, buddy. (I've been in two bar fights already defending your right to choose your own favorite singers.)

On second thought, I agree you have every right to post girl power pop.

But when you buy the CD, does a skirt come with it?

As the father of a (beautiful) daughter, I definitely approve of young girls singing this song at the top of their lungs. Men, not so much.

Mangina Monologs.

Kelly Clarkson is like Jennifer Aniston's "not quite as hot" little sister, but with lots of talent....Hot!

Yes, but what's the NAME of the song?

Mr. LGA gets the prize for best comment with Mangina Monologues. I cracked up when I read it.

Jeff, I'm trying to think of a title that respects the girly videos but pays tribute to(and reminds people of your other fav) Springsteen. All I can think of right now is the song he wrote for Gary U.S. Bonds. "This Little Girl (is Mine)" Too creepy?

No Springsteen influence? How about Babes in Joyland?

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