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I usually don't continue reading a book that I don't enjoy. Life is too short. But, once in a while I'll read to the end of a novel I find vapid, or contrived, or with characters made for TV and yes, I do hate myself in the morning.

I'm looking at you, Dan Brown.

Now that's funny because I was thinking of exactly the same book as Terrenoire.

I agree with what he said.

I stop reading. I stop buying that author if I stop reading. Like Terrenoire and Shelby said, life is too short, I have far too many good books I *want* to read to get stuck with those that don't trip my trigger right away.

That said, I do read an erotic romance series that is a total train wreck, it's like crack, and I can't seem to stop buying them...

You know, I have so many books that I want to read that I hate feeling I need to finish something that doesn't really engage me. Of course, I also hate not finishing a book I've started. Still, I have a stack of half-reads on my nightstand that get relegated there every time something better comes along. What was the question again?

I picked up a thriller after reading a starred review. I hated it, but kept going. With ten pages left, i put it down and never picked it up again. Hey, who am I to judge? It got a great review, others liked it. But I just could not find a single way to care to get me thru those last pages.


Only if I find a character unbelievable. Even if the storyline sucks, I'll keep shlogging through it. But there's no way I'll keep going if it's a little old lady who knits and also jetsets around the world solving crime with an M-16 and karate skills, or it's a politician who is a golden boy and has never (and will never) do a corrupt thing in his life [dem or rep, because they're ALL corrupt], or it's a girl who has managed to find multiple different classic monsters (like vampires, werewolves...hey, wait a second....)

I've had my train wreck book experiences, but nowhere near as often as I used to. With time at a damn premium these days, I will toss a book aside if I'm not riveted within the first 30 pages. I suppose there's something to be learned from that, writing-wise...

I read the first pages at the bookstore or in an excerpt online. If I can't get into it, I don't buy it. No way am I going to waste time reading a book I don't like.

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