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Man Vs. Food. The stuff that guy eats is amazing and I'm hoping that if they ever need a guest host, they will call me.

I don't have a favorite food show. In fact, I'm finding I watch very little TV lately, which is a departure from the rest of my life.

I do watch movies. Lots of movies. So how about my favorite food movies?

Big Night
Babette's Feast
(a Chinese movie about a daughter who cooks for her father - I forget the name)
9 1/2 Weeks

As far as writing what sells, there's a book about Hollywood written by William Goldman, the screenwriter for Butch Cassidy, All the President's Men and a bunch of other great films. It's called Adventures in the Screen Trade and one of his verities is, Nobody Knows Anything.

So write the best book you can write, work hard, and let the fickle public make it the next Da Vinci Code or not. That's out of your control.

That's my thought for the day.

Ramsey's British version of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. He doesn't yell as much, but he's still uncomfortably honest and blunt. And the drama is real, not manufactured by bombastic music and obvious fucked-up timeline edits.

David, I think you're thinking of "Eat Man Drink Woman." Great movie.

Does Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations count as a food show, or a travel show? I love it. I love him. He shows up in my dreams sometimes, and ... never mind.

Yes, that's Eat Drink Man Woman. Great movie. Also another super Chinese film that features food is The Wedding Banquet.

I can't believe I forgot No Reservations! Love love love Tony Bourdain. I actually got to meet him, and my husband interviewed him a few years back when he was still on the Food Network. He made fun of Emeril. I hear he's working on another crime novel, although I haven't read his other ones so I'm not sure how they are. Loved Kitchen Confidential.

Thanks, Clair, that's the one I was thinking of. I'm going to rent that again.

Karen, making fun of Emeril should be a national sport, although it is a little like arm-wrestling children.

I think the only food show I ever watched was the British show Two Fat Women (I think that's what it was called). In fact, expect for news programs, I don't watch TV at all. I'm currently reading Dennis Lehane's new book ANY GIVEN DAY. Do you suppose it includes recipes?

Loved Eat Drink Man Woman. My favorite food show is Iron Chef, both Japanese and American versions.

I heart Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I don't know if he's been to Sam's No. 3 here in Denver, but he needs to come if not.

I also like Unwrapped, No Reservations and Man vs. Food.

I don't watch food shows because they lead to excessive food consumption! (What can I say? I'm weak...) But Chelsey loves Cake Wars. (I think thats the name.) And I find Paula Dean quite appealing on the rare occasion that I watch. Also, I agree about books-keep throwing them at the wall because, like food, if they're made with love (and a few key ingredients), they'll eventually stick. that profound or does it make no sense whatsoever? Hey, it's been a long day...

I've always liked Good Eats with Alton Brown. He's kind of a food wonk who explains everything. I also like his approach to kitchen gear -- why buy a special gadget if you can improvise something out of junk you have in your garage? I know he annoys some people, but I like his shtick.

Iron Chef.

I don't watch much TV these days, either. (I do watch BONES on the web though...LOVE that show!) I used to watch Jeff Smith's cooking shows, Two Fat Women, and Yan Can Cook. No Reservations is the only cooking show I've seen recently.

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