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Besides my iMac and printer, I've got a near empty coffee cup from the Mystery Lovers Bookshop that says "Take a Mystery Author to Bed Tonight"; a pile of bills; file folders marked "accountant" and "research"; two makeshift pencil holders that are plastic Red Sox cups (one has my old pica pole from the old days of newspaper page layout in it); one of those spiky purple stress balls; an empty box of Kleenex; a broken stapler; a broken Rolodex; a plastic container that has paper clips in it, and a pile of my galley fixes that I'm going to be faxing to my editor this afternoon.

This makes me realize I need to clean this crap up.

An amazon credit card, a gun lighter (memento), a book on a famous mental hospital, stapler, tape, pen, printer, computer, iced tea, makeshift pencil holder, a camera (just downloaded some pics), a book on what was popular in every year of the last 100 years, a lamp, a penny, crumbs from eating a breadstick, a flashdrive, a desk-sized fan, a dictionary to prop my laptop on, a nicely shaped stone, a rubbery rooster to squeeze for inspiration.


Some reference books including The Death Investigator's Handbook, a lucite obelisk from the Republican Party proclaiming me 2005's Businessman of the Year, a baseball signed by Brooks Robinson, a toy turtle, a windup chicken, a jade plant named Jade, a yellow submarine, a blue meanie, a small coffin of Death Mints, an Iwo Jima Memorial, a globe from 1983, a napkin from John's Grill in San Francisco, and a ceramic cat made by my daughter when she was 7.

Along with pens, pencils (Black Warrior #1s), two phones, a calendar, Kleenex, assorted papers, magazines and a coffee cup.

My computer, keyboard, and mouse, a printer with a small desk lamp perched on top, with a dream catcher hanging from the post, a phone book buried beneath a file with the car and boat titles, an invoice from when I had to take my Ford into the repair shop AGAIN, a flashdrive, a phone, a picture taped to the top of my monitor so I remember what's really important in my life every time I sit down, a sign taped to my double layered "catch all" which says, "Everything I know about life I learned from porn", an impossible yoga pose picture on the other side which I WILL figure out how to do some day, a pen/pencil/shit collector plastered with buttons, my favorites being "I do it demon style" and "Got Sex?" (romance writers are far more generous with the giveaway items than mystery authors) a paperclip holder, a glass of water, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a camera case, a strip of paint samples, a stack of unopened bills, a stack of CD's I stole back from my teenagers, a sample pair of contacts, pens, more pens, post it pads, post it notes everywhere, a shell turtle, a stained glass butterfly my youngest made me, a tiny beaded lizard my oldest daughter made years ago, a tiny coiled rubber snake my middle daughter gave me (reminding me to face my fears every day) a miniature long handled sauce pan (joke gift courtesy of Judy Bobalik)three foam wrist protectors because my marble desk top is freakin' cold, a bottle of lotion and a deck of cards that are prize giveaways for my alterego's week long contest celebrating my new release this week, and a notebook with all my passwords for all the various sites I visit that I never remember...

And a beer...

(Umm, Mr. LGA, if you're reading this, aren't you supposed to be working too? The beer is cold, you should come home :)

You have a picture of alcohol taped to the top of your monitor? That's nice.

Ooh, snap, Shelby.

Going to my happy place, where insults bounce off...mmm...Bud Light lime...

Work highly overrated. see ya in a few minutes honey........

Your desk is way too neat. Something is seriously wrong.

Pics of the family, computer, stack o' papers I don't wanna know what they are... Pics of my dad and grandfather in their offices, for inspiration.

My pen/pencil holder which is an antique teabox that belonged to my grandmother, a phone, iHome, a stuffed tyrannosaurus rex surrounded by a fake lei, a postal scale, binder clips, a stack of inbox thingies, filled to overflowing, a couple of borders/B&N gift cards, stories and a cover that need to be copied for my short stories students and distributed at our midsummer pizza and critique session, six unopened boxes of pencils, my son's address book/assignment calendar from his high school, a coffee carafe and my distance glasses.

When you load the photo, you can click custom and it will allow you to make the photo any size you would like.

Mr. Raffel to the rescue! Thanks!

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