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I would've just assumed that the high point of Dan's career was visiting The White Hen in the middle of the night with us, but whatever...

You and me both, Shelby.

And evidently him teaching (okay TRYING to teach) me the French foot fighting technique after the Crimespree Party in Milwaukee didn't leave a lasting impression either.

Thanks for filling in today for me Dan :)

I, too, am disappointed that there was absolutely no mention of the White Hen.

Thanks for bringing him on board, White Hen mention or not. ;-)

If the White Hen night involved convincing Karen to get that tattoo, then we'd all consider it the highlight of our careers. Welcome, Dan!

I. Am. Not. Getting. A. Tattoo.

But we will always have White Hen.

How could I have been so remiss as to fail to mention that lost night in Chicago and the salvation that was the White Hen?

Thanks for the questions, Alison, they were fun. Now I have a question for all the First Offenders. Name your career highpoint. Okay, more of a directive than a question, really, but you all get the point. I hope.

Thanks for dropping by, Dan! Okay, professionally speaking, I'd have to say the Edgar nomination. Personally, signing my favorite high school teacher's book at my signing in Southern California. Buying that crappy food at the White Hen with you guys would be a close second.

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