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My editor told me a particular scene wasn'ty working where it was. It was slowing down the pace just when the plot should be flying.

I didn't want to lose the scene as it carried a lot of water, so I moved it back about ten chapters.

God knows the rewriting is so much easier now than it was when I was beating on my Olivetti portable.

I don't think I'd be a writer without the computer. I sometimes use the program, Q10, because it makes the whole screen just your typewritten words and it makes cool typewriter sounds.

But it does delete and cut and paste, too. :-)

My favorite computer trick is to find the particular word I'm looking for somewhere in a 100,000 word document without having to flip through the pages.

I know we take word processing for granted now, but I'm always secretly gleeful when I remember that I used the word "agave" in that scene and can find it tout de suite.

Love the new title, Karen!

I'm with Louise. Being able to search a document for something is priceless.

I have an entire file of chapters that I've cut from various novels because even though they didn't work for that particular book, I feel like they might be usable in some capacity later on.

My first little job out of college was writing blurb reviews of plays for the LA Reader. These were 100-150-word reviews. I had to type them out on a three by five card and drive them to the offices and turn them in. For that tiny little review I would go through so many three by five cards it was ridiculous. My cut- file from HEARTLESS was 290 pages long, so my habits haven't changed. I'm a huge rewriter. If we were still on typewriters, my carbon footprint would be enormous. Al Gore would kill me.

I won? Wow! Thank you.

Aside from the obvious ease of revising manuscripts without retyping the things word by word, I love the speed of a computer. I'm a pretty fast typist. Some of my friends say I'm freakishly fast, but they exaggerate. The last time I was tested, years and years ago, I clocked in at 87 wpm on an IBM Selectric. I'm pretty sure I can type over 100 wpm on a computer keyboard. Not that my brain ever thinks that fast, but still. When I have to do something in a hurry, I love that I can zoom along on my responsive keyboard.

I love the find and replace function. Wanna change a character's name? POOF. Done.

I hated typewriters. But I will admit to writing in long hand. There's something freeing about it.

I love everything about computers in terms of being able to cut and paste, etc. I was a fast typist - it's how I put myself through college, in fact - but I so much prefer the instant ability to revise mistakes as I go without stopping to even think about it.

I like your new title - it works! ;-)

The only thing I don't like about computers is when they develop a mind of their own and force me to accept words I never intended to use, like name from my address book that it thinks are words.

LOVE the title! Congrats on getting the draft done, too.

For me, the search function is invaluable. Usually somewhere in a re-read, I'll start wondering how often I've used a particular word. Search and - bingo - there it is, three times in two pages. Makes it easier to edit. As for cut and paste, yup, love it, too. Particularly because I can cut out unnecessary backstory passages that I adore and put them in a "save" file and not feel like I've really gotten rid of them (even if they never see print).

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