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It's probably another dog one... I can't remember the particulars, but an owner is talking to the dog and the dog is shouting back various cuts of meat... it's a Bud commercial, I think.

I also like the e-trade ones with the toddler with the cigarette-stained voice.

Well, how can you not love the puppy at camp singing about how there's no bugs on him?

Problem is I walk around all summer singing the silly thing...

It's hard not to love this spot.

I do like that puppy, norby! But Jen, that toddler really creeps me out.

I also love the Mac/PC commercials with John Hodgeman.

I like the insurance commercial where two women are talking about insurance coverage and a chick in the background is yelling at a man on the street below and throwing his stuff out the window...and then a sofa crashes on the car. I laugh every damn time.

Bruce and I are partial to the AT&T commercial with the mother nagging the family about not throwing out those unused minutes from their cell phone. The image of her rinsing off the still clicking minutes after she gets them out of the garbage is a howl.

That's one of my faves, too! Especially the suave Italian accent.

I am currently enamored with the commercials. I can sing all of them by heart.

Jeff, my 7-year-old daughter sings those freecreditreport commercials all the time too. Great minds....


That's because your daughter and Jeff are on the same intellectual level.

But your daughter is much more mature, I'm sure, so she's proably singing ironically.

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