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We forgot the camera at my book launch signing. It's the third book. Perhaps we are getting complacent about this? Oh, hell, it's just another book launch...


We just forgot the camera. Like we forget everything as we're running out the door.

I deliberately don't take a camera to signings for which you may all be profoundly grateful.

My husband is a filmmaker, and a great photographer so our (only) daughter's life is very much documented. As for the readings, he does take my picture, but I rarely look at the results and when I do, I wince. (I look like THAT when I read?! God.)

We document a lot, but it's more with pix than with video. Mainly because we just always forget the video camera.

I kept a pretty good scrap book of the first yr when KS came out - pix, reviews, emails, etc. But after that, I just let it go. Not because I had any less appreciation, but just because you can't replicate the first time around.

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