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Ooh, my blog is College/Undergrad!

Now I don't know whether to be proud, or worry about being too elitist.

Ooh, I got College/Postgrad too! And while we're all rating each other, I got 46 on Free Rice. I'm sure someone round these parts has got higher, so fess up.

My blog is rated High School, I guess because all the fucks and goddamns make it sound like a teacher's lounge.


The best I could do was 44, which makes me feel like a dunce after Daniel's 46.

I say again: Fuck.

Oh, come on, guys. I just got 400 grains of rice. We are writers, word people. Maybe watching those spelling bees really has helped.

And I don't see anyone here using their words in a sentence.

Hey, I got 1200 grains of rice, but never made it past level 41...

I think reading level almost has an inverse relationship to readability, so I'm going to start swearing more.

My rice grains were up to around 4000, which I calculated as a very small bowl of food. But my eyes started hurting, so I hope the guy that gets my grains is a little fellow.

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