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Karen, thank you so much. I'm walking on air this know the next book's a standalone, though, right?

Just because you can't stop me, I'm not going to list my favorite books.

Instead, I'm going to list my favorite writers, but not for their books. This is for their generosity.

The fact that I've read and enjoyed their books is just a bonus.

(In no particular order)

1. Dusty Rhoades
2. Stephen Blackmoore
3. Jeff Shelby
4. Lori Armstrong
5. Karen Olson
6. Alison Gaylin
7. Cornelia Read
8. Jim Born
9. Lee Child
10. Laura Lippman
11. Ken Bruen
12. Pat Mullan
13. Ray Banks

I hesitate to send this, only because I know the second I do I'll remember someone I've missed.

To all of you who, Merry Christmas and thank you.

Yes, Dusty, I do know that. I suppose ("sigh") I can wait. Just don't keep your readers waiting too long!

David, this is a lovely holiday comment! I hope we'll be able to meet in person someday.

And I just want to add that my list includes only those books I've actually read this year. There is still an embarrassingly big pile in my office that I haven't gotten to.

And after I posted this, I realized that Toni McGee Causey's Bobbie Faye was among my favorites this year, so she would make No. 11!

Thanks for the shout out, Karen. And thanks again for taking the time in a crazy year to read the galleys.

I'm no good at Best Of lists, but I'd add Richard Aleas's SONGS OF INNOCENCE to your lovely list.

Karen, I'm truly touched to see Short Change on that stellar list of books. Thank you. Dead of the Day should be there, too.

Really, really hard to choose, but I'd say Peter's Red Cat was the best crime novel I read this yr. Just awesome stuff.

Great list Karen. I didn't read as much crime fiction as I wanted to this year, as I was judging true crime for the Edgars. (though the scene in THE FOLLOWER where the killer is having... very disturbing thoughts ...while watching the BBC version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE gets my vote for creepiest scene I've read in a long while. I'll never think of Jane Austen the same way again.)

Karen, Can't argue with your #1. Red Cat is that good.

I'm going to have to read them since you recommend them. I made my Best of 2007 list on my blog and gave you an award ;)

Karen = awesome.


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