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Clea, congratulations on CRIES AND WHISKERS and best of luck with that!

I have to confess that I've never had a cat and have always been a "dog" person, but one of my dog rescues happens to have very cat-like behavior - hopping up on places and perching, climbing into your lap and curling up, I swear sometimes he even purrs. He's as close to a cat I've ever had. Now if only I could train him to a litterbox...

Felicia Donovan

Welcome Clea!

Karen says great things about your books - I'll have to put you on my list :)

Thanks, folks!
AndFelicia, I'm pro-dog, too (non-speciesist). My good friend Vicki has two Irish wolfhounds that are bigger than she is, and I've learned they are the sweetest, gentlest creatures on earth. Then again, maybe they're really very shaggy horses.

Hi, Clea and welcome! I've always loved both dogs and cats. And, while we just have a dog now, I still miss our cat Jake, who loved beef jerky and scones, lying on newspapers we were trying to read and walking up to the dog and swatting her for no apparent reason.

Jake sounds wonderful, Alison. We tend to call lying on the newspaper "reading with her ass." (I wonder if the blog will let me post that?) As in, "I'd pass you the Book Review, but Musetta's reading it with her ass right now." At which point, she's likely to swat at one of us for no apparent reason.

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