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And once you're past fifty, learning it once is not enough. I thought I understood voice mail on my phone but have forgotten my code to access it. I envy earlier generations who only had to turn a switch on their tv or pick up the receiver on their phone to feel "with it."

I'm with Patti. I still can't figure out how to get a picture on that fancy TV over the kitchen stove. I don't see how it could possibly work. There's nothing inside but a round, glass plate. Not a single tube or wire. I just use it as a clock. Well, I do until the power goes out and the numbers starts blinking. Then I have to wait for my grandson (he's 5) to come over and reset it.

My biggest tech thingie is setting the DVR - wahoo! I know how to do that now.

I'm impressed you have a myspace account. My teens were going to set up sites for me...and if they don't do it, it won't get done. Because that stuff scares me. Not kidding.

Lee - my dad frequently calls his granddaughters for help with his computer woes :)

Tillman rules.

No, Jeff. YOU RULE!! (Lesson of the day: When you're lame, try to make friends who are less lame than yourself!) Seriously, watch this dog, and your life will be complete.

Tillman rocks.

And I have no idea how to text message. And Jeff had to help me embed a video, too.

I just recently got a cell phone. It takes pictures and I know how to send them to my email address, which amazes me that you can do that.

And I have a little, lipstick-sized MP3 player that actually records voices. I've used it to record an interview. Wow! It also holds about 50 vinyl records worth of music and I don't need a turntable! It's a miracle!

Slowly, I'm making my way into this new world. Maybe I'll be able to do the Facebook thing sometimg in 2009, after everyone else has moved on to something else.

Baby steps.

Let's see the damn dog do a kickflip. THEN I'll be impressed.

God you're jaded, Dusty. Listen to me: The bulldog. Rides. A skateboard!

Getting old is hell. I have my 8 year old turn on the effing tv because I can't figure out how to do it. I get either picture or sound, but not both simultaneously. Bob went on a month-long speaking tour of Australia a dozen years ago and I screwed up the tv on the first night and had nothing but snow to watch for the remaining 29 days.

Cell phones? I am still trying to figure out the two cans and string concept.

Alison: I'd settle for an Ollie.

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