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Congratulations, Alison!

For people on the opposite coast, The Mystery Bookstore will be celebrating A HELL OF A WOMAN as part of its big holiday party on December 1. The "Hell of a Woman" signing starts at 2:00 p.m. and will include Megan Abbott, Christa Faust, Naomi Hirahara, Charlie Huston, Eddie Muller, Cornelia Read, Theresa Schwegel, Kevin Burton Smith and Robert Ward.

Alison, flights to LA are cheap this weekend...

Congrats, Alison!!!

I have a booksigning at my beloved local Borders in Rapid City, this Friday night, 7:00 sharp, and I'm even thinking about bringing candy! Oh, and if you already have your signed and battered copy of HALLOWED GROUND, 2007 WILLA Award Winner, bring it and I'll slap a gold medal "Winner" sticker on the front of it, while you're picking up stacks of SHALLOW GRAVE to hand out to your nearest and dearest as Holiday gifts!

OOOHHHH, I love this. Thanks for giving us permission to do this, Alison.

I've got two events on Saturday: the first is the Winter Words, a first-ever writers conference at the Fairfield (CT) Library. I'm going to be on a panel talking about dialog with Da Chen, who will totally intimidate me because I've just finished both his novel and his memoir.

And the second is at 2 p.m. at the Yale Bookstore, where I'll be taking about my new, third Annie Seymour book DEAD OF THE DAY, which just got a great review in the Chicago Sun-Times!

I also have a story in A HELL OF A WOMAN. I'll meet you on the 6th.

Sandra: Can't wait to meet you -- and get you to sign my copy!

Lori: Don't hold back. What kind of candy? Are we talking Godiva chocoloates, because if that's the case, I may have to check airfares..

Karen: The events sounds great! Might I suggest a Tom/Vinnie lookalike pageant? And I saw and second the Sun-Times review!

Clair: I'd love to come to L.A., but... and here's my second BSP: My daughter is starring in a production of 101 Dalmations this weekend. (Okay, she's not starring. She's one of the dogs. But she has her own lines!)

Go, Alison, Go!

As for moi, Alex Sokoloff and I continue our barnstorming tour of Borders (with Stacey Cochran in the moderator's seat) this Saturday at 3:00 at the Central Raleigh Borders:
404-101 East Six Forks Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919.755.9424
Fax: 919.755.9484

And copyedits continue on my standalone, BREAKING COVER, which is scheduled for August 2008.

Yes, Mystery Bookstore this weekend. Alison, you should join us

Morning all,

my novel Frantic is featured on Marshal Zeringue's Page 69 test today -

Wish I was over there to go to all those events!


I have all my Christmas shopping done. Ha-ha, suckas!!!

Wait? It's almost Christmas? Last time I looked at the calendar it was summer! Shit. Guess it's fruit of the month club (or fruit of the loom) for everyone again this year.

Thanks, Shelby.

Congrats, Alison! I'll be reading and signing copies of THE BLACK WIDOW AGENCY on Dec. 6th at the Exeter, NH Public Library's BookTalk program. I'm really excited today because I got the final artwork for the cover of SPUN TALES - A BLACK WIDOW AGENCY MYSTERY, the next in the series, due out July '08.

Felicia Donovan

Excellent, Felicia -- and thank you for steering the topic back from Christmas shopping, which I have done NONE of. (Damn you, Jeff Shelby!)

Great page69 test, Katherine -- I really love that blog... and I owe Marshall a page 69 for TRASHED. Hope I'm not too late.

Aldo, great to see you here! Wish I could make it to L.A., but please raise a glass for me!

Wish I could see you and Alex, Dusty -- I bet you guys are great up there! And I can't wait for the standalone!

Keep the BSP coming, folks! Remember, November 27, 2007 only comes once in a lifetime!

A day late and several dollars short, but, hey, if you're in the NYC area, why not come by Partners and Crime on MONDAY, Dec. 3, too? I'll be celebrating the release of my third mystery, "Cries and Whiskers."

Thanks for letting me sneak that in!

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