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Who ever said sex doesn't sell?

And thanks for the link, Lori. It's an interesting site.

Really interesting, Lori. I do have to say, it hammers home how truly unfair a lot of romance contracts are. Five, ten-book deals at a paltry advance -- and here they are, raking in more than practically anybody.

The majority of readers are women. This comes as no surprise to me. Romance was always strong, but now it's getting stronger. When things aren't going well, romance surges, because it is, at heart, a hopeful genre.

And sex can get your mind off a lot of things. Or just get your mind off. ;)

Thrillers don't even make the cut? Scary. I wonder how much of romance sales are erotic romance sales. Just curious, since I've been known to scribble those, too!

Spy, I believe thrillers are put in with mysteries. Regarding erotic romance, they're below 5%. The same stats had the genre breakdowns, with 40% of all romance being category romances, followed by contemporary, historical, suspense, (I think . . . I'm doing this from memory.) Romantic suspense was like 9%. Which surprised me, I'll admit, because the Levy people said at a recent conference that historicals and romantic suspense were their two top sellers. But it's also how books were categorized in this particularly sample.

Still, romance and all its subgenres are going strong. My mom just lectured me that I'd better not remove romance from my suspense "or else."

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