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Ooh, smoked Coke? What is it with people "improving" Coke products? Didn't Shelby have fried Coke at the TX State Fair? What do they have in CT?

Can't wait to hear if it tastes like shit.

I indulge in my love of western rhinestone belts when I finish a contract deadline. Yes, yes, try and quell your jealousy, but I have quite the nice little selection of cowgirl glitter - notice I didn't say CHEAP cowgirl glitter, 'cause lookin' like a rodeo queen takes some bucks.

Tee hee, bucks, get it? Like young bucks to buy you bling and bucks as in...oh, never fucking mind.

Okay, obviously I'm delirious - since I'm also in the throes of deadline hell. Times two. YAY!

But I might sneak over to ebay and see what's what in the kippybelt section...sort of as a motivation.

Big, expensive dinners, always at a steakhouse. I will also splurge and buy some sort of ridiculously good tix for a sporting event.

But being a Coke and bourbon aficionado, I'm very intrigued by the notion of smoked Coke.

Jeff, I'll definitely let you know how this intriguing combo tastes. And a steak dinner sounds excellent.... Lori, love the cowgirl bling! Maybe you can lend me one of your belts for when I go out for the smoked Coke.

Okay, please, you MUST tell us what it's like when you drink it, PLEASE? I'm so curious!

I definitely will, Spy! I just hope, after this hellish book is through, I'm able to find the words to describe it.

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