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Eye candy in stretch terry. Can life get any better than this?

But what I really like is a man in a ruffled powder-blue shirt, a tuxedo, and white bucks! Oh, and a trick-pony leather paddle holster for Jim Born's service weapon.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Mrs. LGA

Thanks for making fun of my favorite suit...........thanks

I have a feeling this guy drives a Civic. A Hybrid, no less...

I didn't know Shelby was a Spring. I thought Autumn, for sure. Who does his colors, anyway?

I'm thinking my smartass husband does his colors, David...

What? No swimwear? Right before the trip, Shelby was bragging he was going to pack his leopard print speedo.


Actually, Victor, Jeff is a little shy for the speedo. He told me he was planning to wear one of these babies poolside:

My turn next.


Why won't you let me be your myspace friend? Was it something I said????

It takes a confident man to wear a creme de menthe leisure suit.

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